Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hi and welcome to not a blog blog. Today Mr Reiff was absent and he left us a Article about a set of old Chinese scriptures that was different from everything else to read and gave us the following question."Based on the article, how can Taoist texts can help deepen our understanding of early Chinese history?" I think that the Taoist tests can help us further understand Chinese culture, because unlike any other Chinese scripture, the Taoist texts, helped historians create and further investigate into a timeline of Chinese culture. Like the Bible these scriptures, easily revealed a sort of timeline to help us further understand  the culture of the ancient Chinese. Usually Chinese scriptures were but of order etc. but the Taoist text appeared in a organized matter, in order from date, the Taoist text was more like the Bible than any other Chinese scripture ever made. That's why i think the Taoist text could help us further understand ancient Chinese culture by using the text as a Segway into a timeline. I know I didn't write to much today but I kind of fell blank with the article. This timeline was the only thing I could think of. Thank you for reading not a blog blog

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello and welcome,to not a blog blog. In today's blog post I will be discussing a Article I just recently read. In this article it discussed Hindus contribution to American politics. One of the largest populations in America is the Hindu-American Population, yet there is and has only been one representative who follows Hindu culture in congress. If Hindu Americans are one of the major populations in America then why is there only one Hindu member in congress? I think that it is because of strict racism in America. For almost all of Americas history there has been extreme racism. Wether it was segregation or the Chinese exclusion Act of 1882, the American people have always been heinous to different races and cultures, this is because they are different, different skin tone, hair color, accent etc. like these other races and cultures, Hindus are very different from Americans, they eat different food, talk and look differently etc. to make things worse they happen to look a lot like very few people who try to harm America. To certain Americans the hindus look like terrorists even though they aren't and this frightens them. I know it's the sad truth but I do believe that racism is behind the extreme shortage of hindus in U.S government.

Friday, October 14, 2016

This is not a game!

Hello and welcome to not a blog blog. In today's blog post I'm going to discuss a very interesting article I recently read. It's called "Are we living in a computer simulation?" By Scientific American. The article was based off of a debate recently held at the American Museum of Natural History. This debate was about wether or not it is possible that we are living in a computer simulations being held by smarter people on a smarter more advanced planet. Both sides made great points but at the end of the article I'm still not convinced that were living in a computer simulation. If we were in a computer simulation, then why wouldn't the programmers stop us from discussing and investigating further in this theory that could possibly expose them. Also computers always get bugs, hackers etc. why wouldn't are simulation ever get hacked , I find it hard to believe that I'm these hundreds of thousands of years, that there was not one hacker.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Job vs. Moshe and Fela

Hello and welcome to not a blog blog. Today Mr. Reiff was absent, and eh left us with a article to read and write a blog post about, so here I am. The article Mr Reiff left us was entitled "Holocaust Survivors: The Search For Faith" it was very interesting. It was about holocaust  survivors  and how they felt about God during and after the holocaust. Bob Abernethy decided to interview a couple that survived the holocaust, Moshe and Fela Daum, in fact they met at a displaced persons camp , and that's where they married. The conclusion was astonishing. Both Fela and Moshe still worshipped God even during the Holocaust, one of the most horrific events in their life not to mention world history. Well there were some confusing moments when they didn't know what to believe but for the most part, they remained faithful to God. This reminds me of Job from "The Book Of Job" in the Old Testament. In The Book Of Job, Job was the most faithful of gods followers. He had a blessed life with thousands of animals, wealth and many children. God wanted to see if Job would remain faithful even if the word would be horrible to him. Even though God out job through living hell, job just began to break down and pray. Both  Fela and Moshe and Job remained faithful in the worst of times the only difference is the beginnings of both lives. Fela and Moshe both had normal lives before the holocaust, they didn't even know each other, Job on the other hand had a absolutely amazing life before his life went to hell. He lived a amazing life, blessed with hundreds of animals and he was blessed with many children and wealth. That's why I think Job and Both of the holocaust survivors are alike

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The book of Job

Hello and welcome to the "not a blog blog" today I read part 1 of the Book of Job. If I had to describe it in one word it would be sad. The book of Job is about gods most faithful person, job. He was blessed with thousands of children and animals. His life was perfect. God was proud of his extremely faithful servant to the point where he was boasting about him to satin. Satin realized why job was so thankful and told God the sad truth, that job was so thankful and faithful because he had no obstacle in life, he had nothing to be upset at God about, so to prove satin wrong, God literally put Job through living hell, he killed his animals and family, and put growths all over Jobs body. The book of Job and most the other stories in the Old Testament are all strangely alike. They all happen because God is concerned about his people's faithfulness. For example in the Tower of Babel, the people of Babel all spoke the same language and worked flawlessly together. Together they were a unstoppable machine, they even built a huge tower and planned on building a city, God realized that eventually a people this strong, would be able to rebel and even take over God. God felt threatened and spread apart every person from Babel and changed their languages. This is like The book of Job because in both stories God tests his followers for faithfulness in a way. In Tower of Babel, God feels threatened by the faithfulness of his people, causing him to create language barrier. In The Book of Job, God feels extremely proud of jobs faithfulness, and that leads him to boast. Which leads him to torture Job. The only differences I picked up on was for Job God was happy and for Babel God was very mad. The Tower Of Babel is just one example of a story in the Old Testament that is similar to the Book of Job, most stories in the Old Testament are very similar to The Book Of Joe

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The voice of children in Africa

Today I read a interesting article
 about child sacrifice in Africa. Some People believe that child sacrifice brings good luck and riches. That's why child sacrifice is a abundant problem right now in Africa, as the hunger for money grows, so does the number of child sacrifices. There Is multiple cases of child sacrifice in Africa. In one case there was a boy named Allan. He was cut and his blood was taken for a ritual. Allan ended up surviving the heinous crime, and ended up pointing out the criminal who did this to him to the authorities, but the man was left with no charges, in multiple cases there was presentable evidence pointing to this one man, including a recording of him saying he sacrafised many children and a confession, yet he still wasn't persecuted. This is because in Africa children have no voice. The author wrote this very dark and saddening story to raise awareness, about the children in Africa, and he's trying to give them a voice, one that they don't have back at Africa. He's also trying to warn parents, to watch their children closely in case theirs any chance for child sacrifice in the US, he also is trying to tell people how lucky they are for living in a society with a good dedicated police force etc.

Friday, September 30, 2016

High School

Hi Guys! Sorry I'm not blogging that much! I've been really busy. It's my first year of high school, I really like it! My favorite part of high school is the independence, for example today I got a grade in history that I wasn't satisfied with. So I emailed the teacher and got a extra credit assignment to do to raise my grade. All by myself. Also I really like the open campus! We could walk around during lunch and free periods and get food that's actually good! Having an open campus also expresses a sense of independence which I really like. I absolutey love. The iPad system in the high school, it helps me organize all my classes in one system, and my hand writing isn't the neatest, so typing notes really helps. In high school I don't like the feeling that every grade counts, it puts a lot of pressure on me. I also don't like the amount of work after school. I know it's not "a lot" of work per class, but it does add up, 9 small assignments could still take a really long time. and it is really taking its toll. For the most part I'm loving my classes, my teachers and the high school! It's so much better than the middle school.